NYC Carnivore Dreams


A carnivore top places you should visit when traveling to NYC (Vegans – look away).

Burger Joint, midtown location, reasonable pricing.

If you crave the best burger in town you should head to midtown. There, you will find Behind a red velvet curtain in a high-end hotel lobby, one of New York City’s best burgers. A respectable patty that will blow your mind, this joint is a must for every burger lover.

Peter Luger Steak House, Brooklyn, worth every penny.

Well, for this next location we’re taking you a bit out the city but once you go there you will understand what we are talking about. Peter lugger is a mama and papa meat lovers restaurant. Their meat lockers are fully stocked with the best meat you can find. it is a place that has not only passed on n from generation to generation, their location but their love and respect to all that is meat. Eating a Chopped Steak USDA Prime or a Roast Prime Ribs of Beef USDA Prime will be an undeniable meat lover experience.


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