2019 what it means for fashion, what trends are out the door and more

2019 will bring many challenges for the fashion industry with luxury goods having to fight a manufacturing and consumerism dependency. The China Problem relates to top brands growing more dependent on Chinese shoppers, and fear volatility lies ahead.

Being one-third of sales share for top brands, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Burberry. This has fueled extraordinary returns for their owners over the past decade. – Read More on WSJ

Chanel topped Louis Vuitton and Versace as Facebook’s most-loved luxury fashion brand: Chanel has been declared 2018’s most-loved fashion brand on Facebook, based on the number of “Love” reactions posted by fans to its posts and quantity of content shares. – Read More on Luxury Daily

With social media’s meteoric rise, the opportunity to use outdoor space to attract not only eyeballs but active engagement–like posting photos of billboards, posters, wall murals, digital installations, and more–became clear. – Read More on Fast Co. Social media channels such as Instagram have become phenomena that changed both the way we consume and B2C advertising strategies.

People love Instagramming billboards–and it’s great for advertisers: 1 in 4 Americans has posted an image of an outdoor ad to the platform, according to Nielsen–and the industry is taking notice. Magazines Are Dead. But Media Isn’t. People are consuming more media than ever before. An August study by Nielsen found that American adults spend more than 11 hours a day with media, up from 9 hours 32 minutes four years ago. In fact, media is having a renaissance. – Read More on BoF(via 2pm)

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